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When you are facing the military or criminal justice system, you need to be ready with a serious defense strategy on your side. At the Tipon Law Firm, LLLC, you can get the help you need from an experienced defense attorney who will aggressively and zealously defend your rights and your freedom.


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For Experienced Criminal And Military Defense In Hawaii And Across The Globe, Call Noel Tipon.

World-Class Court-Martial Lawyer

When you are facing a military investigation, adverse administrative proceedings or a criminal prosecution, you need an experienced court-martial lawyer on your side who knows the ins and outs of military law and the justice system and can take aggressive action to defend you. Attorney Noel Tipon has the skills and experience you need. He has fought hard cases his entire career, and he will give you a fair chance against your charges.

With 10 years as an active duty Marine Judge Advocate and 15 more years of experience in private practice defense in Hawaii after leaving active duty, Noel leverages his unique background in his cases. His knowledge is your asset, as there are few challenges he has not faced before.

Stand Strong Against Your Charges With Tipon Law Firm

You need to work with a court-martial lawyer or criminal defense attorney as soon as an allegation has been made or an investigation has started against you. Taking aggressive, proactive steps early on in your case can help establish a strong defense at trial and reduce or even eliminate the charges against you depending on your case.

Noel has a reputation as a zealous trial attorney, so you can be confident with him on your side. Don’t wait to reach out because there is more at stake than just your freedom when you are charged with a crime. Your reputation and your career are also on the line, so take a strong stand against the prosecution with Noel.

Noel Tipon

Noel Tipon:
Your Legal Defender And Rights Advocate

With his more than two and a half decades of experience in both military law and civilian law, Noel Tipon is prepared to take on the most difficult cases. You will see the benefit of working with a private attorney with his diligent attention to detail, his responsiveness to you and his exhaustive preparation for your case.

What Separates Noel Tipon From The Competition?

What Separates Noel Tipon From The Competition?

In a word, experience. There is no substitute for it. On the whole, it is my experience, which combines years of practice on active duty and in private practice, knowledge of the system from having been an active duty Marine Judge Advocate with more than just one tour on active duty and creativity which includes being able to think outside of the box.

- Noel Tipon