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Aggressive Representation Against Theft And Larceny Charges

Although they are typically nonviolent crimes, the government and military prosecute theft, larceny and fraud charges seriously and you may face harsh punishments. To avoid devastating impacts on your future, you need an experienced criminal and military defense attorney to fight for you.

Hawaii defense attorney Noel Tipon has decades of experience representing individuals and military service members in theft and larceny cases. Along with his private practice experience, he served as a Marine Judge Advocate, giving him valuable insight into the military investigation process. When you work with him, you can trust his tireless work ethic and attention to detail through every step of your case.

Empowering You To Fight Your Charges

The federal government and the military criminal justice system under UCMJ takes theft and larceny charges seriously. If you fail to fight the charges, you may face consequences such as jail time, loss of benefits, reduction to E-1, dishonorable discharge and difficulty finding employment after the military. As a civilian, you may face large fines, years behind bars and a permanent criminal record.

Military and civilian larceny and theft charges include:

  • Check fraud
  • Forgery
  • Property theft
  • Wire fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • ATM theft

If you are a military service member facing charges for housing or overseas housing allowance fraud, you could face serious consequences if a court-martial finds you guilty. The government also takes DTS audits seriously and will thoroughly investigate any potential fraudulent travel claims. After an investigation, BAH, OHA and DTS fraud are charged as larceny, fraud or theft and you may face a court-martial.

As an experienced military defense attorney, Noel Tipon understands the tactics and strategies military investigators use. He will use his knowledge and experience to apply the best strategies possible to weaken their case against you.

Get Started On Your Defense Today

Attorney Noel Tipon believes in everyone’s rights in the military and criminal justice system. He understands how overwhelming the process can be. Noel will work with you through every step of your case to ensure you feel confident in making strategic decisions about your defense. To schedule a consultation, call him at 808-727-1289 or complete an online contact form to get in touch.