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Basic Allowance For Housing Fraud In Hawaii

A Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is an allowance that active service members in the U.S. can receive when they do not receive government-provided housing.

BAH fraud occurs when service members attempt to receive benefits by providing false information. Military BAH fraud attorney Noel Tipon has vast experience in this area of law. Having served as a Marine Judge Advocate, he has significant insight into the military judicial process, which he brings to the forefront to help his clients who have been accused of BAH fraud.

Common Examples Of Military BAH Fraud

False or inaccurate information given in claims for BAH could amount to fraud. Some of the most common examples of military BAH fraud include:

  • Fake leases to receive a higher BAH due to the location
  • False dependency claims to increase the BAH
  • Claiming a BAH for more than one residence at a time
  • Living on base while claiming a BAH for living off base
  • Marriage fraud solely to obtain benefits, including a BAH
  • Failing to report changes in family size, marital status or living situation that would affect the BAH

The penalties if found guilty of BAH fraud are serious, and those convicted could even face jail time. Mr. Noel Tipon is an experienced military BAH fraud lawyer who can help you navigate the legal complexities of your case.

Defending BAH Fraud Accusations In Hawaii

A military BAH fraud defense attorney in Hawaii can help you address the charges and form a defense strategy. Some details you may want to gather include:

  • All documentation related to your BAH claim
  • Your pay stubs, utility bills and other forms of financial documents
  • Details related to your familial circumstances, such as children’s birth certificates, marriage certificates and divorce decrees

It is best to remain silent until you have Mr. Tipon to discuss your defense strategy.

Call Today To Defend The Charges

Tipon Law Firm, LLLC, can help you defend BAH fraud accusations. Mr. Tipon has successfully defended numerous military service people across Hawaii. Call him today on 808-727-1289 or complete the online contact form to arrange a consultation.